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A Letter From Our Founder, Avery Looser

BraveMouse, Our Story.jpeg

BraveMouse was founded in 2020 after a series of events and a season of reflection where I personally experienced sexism in the media industry at a very young age. 
Although I have had many meaningful, professional experiences working with men in the industry, at a very young age, I found myself alone in an office with two men. I was berated for a short film I made about my personal experiences as a woman entering the industry, and because of the truth in my story, I was called a liar and a b*tch.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to telling the brave stories of women, in front of and especially behind the camera. The demand for female narratives in front of the camera has dominated the conversation surrounding female representation.

And while this is extremely necessary and important, I believe the demand for women in production has been lost in the conversation. 

I founded BraveMouse as an advocate for these lost voices. Whether it be through Film and Television Productions, Photography, Writing or Web Design, BraveMouse is dedicated to amplifying and empowering all women’s voices with majority female production teams. 

By supporting every woman who tells our stories, I believe they have the power to change the narrative for all. 

So, if you’ve ever been called a liar or a b*tch, your bravery and truth are welcome here. 

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